Club Dental provide a number of specialist procedures to our patients including bridges. A dental bridge is exactly how it sounds. It forms a bridge between a gap in the teeth due to the loss of a tooth, perhaps caused by gum disease. However, there are many other reasons why a bridge could be necessary. For instance, a patient might have chipped a tooth. Chipped teeth are often difficult to repair. Sometimes, if the damage is extensive, it’s easier to remove the broken tooth or teeth and replace them with a bridge.

What Is A Bridge Made Of

A bridge is formed of two or more crowns that fill the gap in the teeth. On each side of the bridge, there are abutment teeth. These teeth anchor the bridge and ensure that it stays firm in the mouth. In between these abutments, there are fake teeth. The fake teeth can be made of a variety of different materials. For instance, you can get them made from alloy metals, gold or porcelain. Porcelain is commonly used to ensure that the teeth look natural and fit the aesthetic of the mouth.

Dental Bridges Available

At Club Dental we offer a range of different bridges for patients. Traditional bridges are used to create a crown on either side of the fake tooth. They can be made out of metal alloys, though often porcelain is fused to metal to ensure the best look for the teeth.

Cantilever bridges are rarely ever used anymore and are often only recommended in extreme situations. This type of bridge is necessary where there are only teeth on one side of the missing crown. However, the length of the bridge can put tremendous pressure on the rest of the mouth and cause damage to the teeth.

Bonded bridges are where the fake tooth or teeth are fused and bonded to the existing teeth in the mouth. This ensures a long lasting hold and guarantees that the bridge is durable. Again, the bridge is commonly made of metal fused with porcelain.

Getting A Dental Bridge

It can take a few treatments and visits to the dentist for a dental bridge to be put in place. On the first visit, the abutment teeth will be prepared. This will involve reshaping the abutments and perhaps remove some enamel to ensure that the bridge fits in properly. During this time both the gum and teeth will be exposed. However, you will be provided with a temp bridge to protect the gumline. Impressions of existing teeth will also be taken to ensure that the new bridge matches the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

One the second visit, the new bridge will be put in place. It can take some time for the bridge to fit properly and may require multiple visits to get the optimum position. This depends on the bite and individual mouth of each patient. However, once the bridge has been positioned, it will be cemented to ensure it stays in place.


There are plenty of advantages to getting a dental bridge to fix lost teeth. Purely for cosmetic purposes, a bridge can restore the look of a smile. Many people who lost teeth find that they also lose their confidence and smile less. With a fitted bridge, you can take comfort in knowing that to everyone else your smile shows off a completely natural set of teeth.

People who have lost teeth may often encounter issues talking, and they can experience pain chewing due to the exposed area of the gumline. As such, getting a bridge fitted can dramatically improve the quality of life.

Due to the gap left by lost teeth, there may be other issues in the mouth. If the gap is left, the surrounding teeth can drift out of line and even start to grow out at angles. This can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. As such, dentists always advise that patients get the gap filled as quickly as possible. A gap in the teeth can even result in the shape of the face changing, once again altering appearance. With a bridge, this problem can be easily and quickly rectified.

Typically, a dentist will recommend a bridge as the best course of action for missing teeth. They will discuss the procedure with you, offer a quote for the service and suggest a time frame for when the procedure can be completed. At Club Dental, our expert dentists can provide this service for you and make sure you find the confidence to smile once more.


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