Tooth fillings are among the most common types of dental work that are carried out. At Club Dental, we’ve handled countless patient problems that have required fillings. The process of inserting a tooth filling is all about restoring and strengthening the tooth. When a tooth’s structure or integrity is weakened or damaged, a filling is inserted to keep it strong. The filling essentially replaces the missing structure in the tooth, preventing future problems emerging as a result. There are a variety of reasons to have a filling inserting, as well as a variety of materials that can be used.

Tooth decay is the most common root cause of the structural damage to the tooth, and it’s this that causes the need for fillings. The tooth decay eventually creates a cavity that needs to be filled, and that’s the job done by the filling. However, this is not the only reason why you might need a filling. Sometimes, tooth fractures can also be fixed with fillings. It’s even for discoloration of the teeth to be treated with a filling. And many of the filling insertion procedures carried out each day are done simply to replace old fillings that have been in place for years.

Silver fillings are more accurately known as amalgam fillings because they’re made up of a composite of materials, including silver, mercury and tin. However, they are silver in appearance, and these are very common. There are alternatives to these types of fillings. But they are still used because they are strong and can last for a long time without needing to be replaced. They’re cost-effective as well, which can be very important. Some people choose to get them replaced because they don’t like the silver appearance, though.

Tooth-colored fillings are seen as better options by many people who see appearance as the most important factor in this whole process. Because these fillings, as the name suggests, are the same color as your teeth, they are almost impossible to spot. They blend in and give a natural look to your teeth. The fit is often tighter and superior as well. They use resin onlays, which makes that fit as tight and fitted as it can be. These fillings are often healthier for your gums as well. That’s because they don’t require gum line placement.

Filling replacements are pretty common. If you’ve had a filling for a long time and it’s started to cause you problems, then it’s best to simply have it removed and replaced. This is an easy process, and we can get it done for you without any problems. The old filling is removed, and any additional decay that is found can then be treated. Then an impression of the tooth is made, and a new filling can be created and later fitted. Lots of people are now choosing to have their old silver fillings replaced with brand new tooth-colored fillings.

We strongly believe that the best quality dental care should be available to everyone, and that it shouldn’t come at a high price. That’s why we make sure that all the filling procedures we offer at Club Dental are priced in an affordable way. You will be able to find a price point that is right for you, while not sacrificing quality. All of the care we offer is the very best, and our professional dentists will always strive to get the very best results and outcomes for you when you pay us a visit.

When you leave our location, your problems will be fixed, and we’re sure that you won’t have any more problems with your filling for a long time to come. Your teeth will be restored, and you will be able to use them without worrying about any cavities or decay causing you problems. That peace of mind is something that really is priceless, and that’s what we love to provide our patients with. Your teeth will be better protected and stronger than they were when you walked through our doors. They will also look the way you want them to, which is equally important.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about a problem with an existing filling or a concern that you have regarding your teeth. When you come to us here at Club Dental, we’ll be able to assess your problem and then be able to decide what the best route forward is. If you do need a filling, we’ll discuss the options with you and find a solution that works for you.


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