With all the talk of insurance and changes to how we buy it today, it’s no wonder that everyone’s taking a closer look at the market and starting to doubt how good it really is for them. When you start looking at some of the most prevalent issues in trying to get affordable treatment through insurance, it’s easy to see why that’s the case. Here are some of the issues of dental insurance that are starting to turn perception against it.

Pre-existing conditions
By far one of the most contentious issues around insurance providers is the seeming desire to include anything and everything as a “pre-existing condition” that could stop you from being covered under certain agreements. The ones that allow coverage with pre-existing conditions are much more expensive and out of the reach of many average dental patients. For instance, injuries or conditions like chronic periodontal disease might not be covered under a new agreement. Similarly, any work that was started before an agreement might not get completed during it. And even if you need it, you might not be able to get coverage to replace a crown or bridge that isn’t a certain number of years old. There’s a chance that more conditions might be exempt from agreements in future and people needing treatment won’t be able to get it under their provider.

Barriers to a brighter smile
Many experts agree that it’s not just the health of your mouth that matters, but the confidence you feel in it as well. Many people have aesthetic and cosmetic issues with their teeth that greatly contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression because of self-image issues and a lack of confidence. Under many of the lower-to-mid range agreements, you won’t get any aesthetic treatments.

Customers are angry
Many customers aren’t happy with their dental insurance and for good reason. Waiting periods in existing packages are infamous. Not only are they annoying, but they can lead to much greater pain when waiting for treatments as simple as fillings and root canals. Waiting periods in some packages for filling are as big as six months, while root canals can take as long as twelve months. Many packages also introduce treatment caps. For instance, if you have a cap of $1200, any treatments that go beyond that have to have the difference paid. Even when you’re paying insurance, you might have to pay extra. With direct financing options, you are always clear on how much you have to pay and when.

An uncertain future
The reason that a lot of people are starting to give dental insurance providers a sideways look is the pending changes to the Affordable Care Act. Majorities in the Senate and House voted to repeal huge provisions in the bill. This includes provisions that have given access to dental care to more than 5 million adults. The impact of the repeal isn’t certain yet, but all experts agree that many are going to lose that coverage and that.

There are a lot of risks to consider around insurance, which is supposed to remove risk from the equation. However, there are alternatives to dental insurance available. Many are realizing that going straight to services like Club Dental can give them a more secure, affordable access to the treatment they need.

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